Ralph Rucci Showroom

Showroom and offices for New York couturier Ralph Rucci reverse the conventional fashion house floor plan. 


Mr. Rucci's work relies on a meticulous craftsmanship that is quite unique in today's world.  He employs a trusted group of skilled artisans that craft and stitch together the sophisticated creations that he is famous for. 


A glass walled and natural light filled atelier houses them right in the center of the 13,00 square feet space occupied by the headquarters.  Everything is white, including the epoxy floors and the custom tables for drafting, cutting, and sewing.  


A floor to ceiling 60-foot long bookcase displays a collection of books, artifacts, and sculptures that form an evolving inspiration for the collections.  


The bookcase leads to a mirror walled showrooms and to a glassy black volume that houses Mr. Rucci's private office and his assistants.