Reading a book, watching a movie or listening to music is increasingly enjoyed today through the use of a handheld tablet. 


We noticed that there is nothing specifically designed for this; the users are forced to adapt themselves to existing furniture typologies designed for non-contemporary uses.


The LL2 Lounger addresses those needs in a way that is subtly incorporated into the design; from the integrated footrest, to raise the knees on which the tablet is often propped; to the curve of the lounger against the user’s arms, as the elbows must be supported when holding the tablet. Though the stitching and detail design is inspired by automotive upholstery (the Lamborghini Miura’s seats were one of the references), the piece sits comfortably in any interior environment. Rechargeable Bluetooth speakers are concealed in the adjustable headrest and are paired with the tablet, thus music and movies can be enjoyed in effortless high fidelity.


Launching in a limited edition, the piece is the first commercially available through Architekturkonzeption, though the firm regularly designs custom pieces for its clients. The LL2 Lounger was exhibited in New York during the 2011 ICFF in conjunction with New York Magazine and Audi.


© Photos by Luca Pioltelli