These offices, overlooking Madison Square Park, are the Headquarters for Avenues World School.


We worked closely with Avenues’ CEO Chris Whittle to define the character and functionality of the space.  The brief asked for an office that would represent the underlying philosophy of the school.  The space is left largely open with windows on four sides of the rectangular layout. It is organized by a long wall that runs east to west which has glazed openings in it for the conference rooms and observation rooms. The westerly end of the wall ends at the open “bullpen” office area while to the east it acts as the perimeter of the presentation, conference and observation rooms of varying sizes.


The palette of materials is similar to the one we are using for the Avenues school which will set the school apart from others in this category of educational institutions.  It features a large platformed area which identifies the large presentation room, separated with a full height glass wall, and a viewing space for two architectural models of the first Avenues campus building in New York.


© Photos by Luca Pioltelli