PACE Gallery Headquarters

New Headquarters for Pace Gallery, located in the Chelsea art district, New York City


The new eight-story building measures approximately 75,000 square feet, 10,000 of which are outdoor exhibition spaces.


Bonetti/Kozerski’s design features expansive column-free galleries, as well as a unique lighting concept on the second and ground floors—developed in collaboration with lighting designer Arnold Chan—which automatically adjusts the ambient light to complement the hue and vibrancy of the works on view. The ground floor space will also feature a public library showcasing Pace’s extensive collection of more than 10,000-catalogued volumes and 20’ ceilings for rotating exhibitions.

The building fits into the historical Chelsea context but aims to bridge the gap from a traditional art gallery to a more open and accessible model of art display and engagement. The metal clad structure with a black volcanic stone façade is articulated into a variety of exhibition spaces also including an outdoor gallery that is visually connected to the High Line and surmounted by a suspended double story penthouse gallery.


 © photos by Thomas Loof