This is the first combined DK Collection and DKNY Flagship store. DK collection is on the ground floor and DKNY is on the first floor.


Access to DK collection is from the street and from the mall. The Facade of both stories is clad in black glass while windows have been expanded to increase visibility to the street. On the collection shop - the floor is light portland limestone with accent walls in black glass. Hangbars are made of hand carved dark stained wood. Hidden cove lights give a sense of drama to the space while the open cling (3.5m) is painted black to increase the dramatic effect. The two floors are connected by a sculptural cast concrete staircase in black concrete.


The DKNY store is light and bring with warm elements and some references to industrial building language. Raw brick walls are painted white and have neon signs mounted on them. The columns become exposed I beams while the structural cross bracing is exposed. The floor is grey stone to match a concrete sidewalk while accessories niches are fabricated so it is easy to change the color of them to allow the looking of the store to change frequently. Industrial details in the store fixtures are merged with natural raw wood for warmth and character. Lighting from the white painted ceiling is warm and dramatic.