The design flaunts the authentic structure of this 1920’s converted commercial building and land marked two-story glass storefront.

Industrial elements are exposed in contrast with modern luxury in the form of interior
furnishings. Walls have been removed, exposing dramatic windows that draw more light
into the store and provide views onto both Albemarle and Bond streets.

Exposed original brickwork and iron give the store a loft-like feeling. The retail space is divided into a sequence of shops on three floors, each designed to convey the different lifestyles of the brand. DKNY, pureDKNY and DKNY Jeans are all housed uniquely in the space.
The ground floor is made from gray stone slabs, while the central atrium has been hung
with a 30-by-30-foot black-and-white illuminated image of Manhattan that unifies all three floors and relates all the shops back to the city from many vantage points.