The store is located in the upscale Cheongdam shopping district of Seoul. 


The store occupies the first two floors of a six story office building.  The entire lower facade of the building was removed and a new facade was designed that incorporates large blocks of textured and chiseled granite. On the corner a large double height window was created by cutting away part of the second floor. This new glass façade is framed with large panels of black glass in sleek contrast to the textured stone.


To the right of the entry is a double height, 10 foot wide LED video screen built into the facade.  This screen will play a variety of media; from the latest Collection image video to a live link to the latest Donna Karan show during New York Fashion week.   To the left of the display window, along the narrower alleyway by the side of the shop is a vertical bamboo garden that climbs up the solid granite of the store. This wall has punched openings through it which give glimpses into the store within.


All the furniture in the store is custom designed by Bonetti Kozerski Studio.