This 5,200 square foot freestanding DKNY store is located on the eclectic shopping street that is locally known as Cat Street.


Large oversize neon logo is used as cladding for the façade, interwoven with the neon logo’s thorough out the store. Contrasted against the industrial metal panels and glass of the host building the effect is of an art installation. Natural oak wood floors and walls stand in light and warm contrast to the grey basaltina stone flooring and structural walls.


Floor- to-ceiling mirrors punctuate the space with some unique materials such as subway tiles for a premium denim “bar” and weathered wood and an antique New York style fire door in zinc add visual and physical texture. Lighting is a sophisticated mix of soft ambient light with strong dramatic spotlighting layered on top, using a combination of low voltage lighting and framing projectors from the theatre industry.


© Photos by Chris Gascoigne